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Совместимость стандартов AGP | Radeon.Ru | Статьи Итак, магистральный интерфейс AGP. Называть его шиной не совсем верно - на несколько слотов расширения он не был рассчитан изначально, и, хотя в спецификации AGP 3.0 есть упоминание о возможности подобных конфигураций, в железе ничего подобного так и не... Тестирование видеоплаты 3D Blaster Titanium 4200 with … Слот AGP 2.0 или более поздняя версия AGP. • Привод CD-ROM. • Поддержка VGA- и мультичастотных мониторов.Так как основной особенностью представленного видеоадаптера является наличие поддержки AGP8X, было решено протестировать карту в двух режимах... Will an AGP 8x card work in a 4x interface slot? -… AGP cards are backward and forward compatible within limits. 1.5 V-only keyed cards will not go into 3.3 V slots and vice versa, though “Universal” slots existIt is important to check voltage compatibility as some cards incorrectly have dual notches and some motherboards incorrectly have fully open slots.

You guys are really giving me an education on the basics of PCs. Thanks. I was wondering how the AGP clock speed as it appears in BIOS calculates in with the AGP multiplier( 4x or 8x) and the Vid card's clock rate and mem speed to arrive at overall Vid card performance.

AGP interface overcomes PCI bandwidth limitations. Fast floating-point performance allows CPUs to draw graphical 3-D meshes and add depth complexity to graphically generated scenes. Can AGP 8x VGA card be installed into AGP 4x motherboard? | Yahoo Answers The base clock rate is 66MHz, but to achieve to 2x, 4x, and 8x speeds the clock is doubled each time. AGP uses both edges of the clock to transfer data. AGP uses both edges of the clock to transfer data.

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Contrary to the AMD750/Irongate, the new KX133 Athlon chipset from VIA offers AGP 4x and a memory clock up to 133 MHz. But not all test candidates have overcome their childhood diseases, yet. 4PX266A1E Acorp Motherboard Mainboard Drivers Manuals BIOS

An 8x AGP card in a 4x slot? | Yahoo Answers

The AGP slot first appeared on x86-compatible system boards based on Socket 7 Intel P5 Pentium and Slot 1 P6 Pentium II processors. Intel introduced AGP support with the i440LX Slot 1 chipset on August 26, 1997, and a flood of products followed from all the major system board vendors. AGP 8X video card - offers the best prices on computer products, laptop computers, LED LCD TVs, digital cameras, electronics, unlocked phones, office supplies, and more with fast shipping and top-rated customer service. AGP 8x/4x vs. AGP 8x Pro | [H]ard|Forum

The top CD bay had been fitted with a 16x speed DVD-ROM drive for reading duties, ... up to 3GB of PC3200 SDRAM memory, five PCI slots and one AGP 8x/ 4x slot. ... with 2.4GHz clock speed, 1MB cache, includes Hypertransport technology.

Не могу понять, совмеcтимы ли мат. плата GA-7VAXP (AGP-8x) и видео карта ASUS V8170 PRO ( AGP-4x/2x).А напряжение сигналов для AGP 4x/8x всегда 1.5 V, поэтому про материнскую плату и написано, что она поддерживает только такие AGP-карты (у 1x и 2x напряжение больше). AGP Bus Description, AGP Pinout and Board Types, Pinout table… AGP Bus description, pinout and design information for the Personal Computer, Accelerated Graphics Port Video Bus.Each up-grade is a supper-set of the 1x mode, so 4x will also support the 1x speed. The base clock rate is 66MHz, but to achieve to 2x, 4x, and 8x speeds the clock is doubled each time.